A Dog’s Life.

Meet My Pack.


That’s me! I’m a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier destined to be a champion show dog. I live for smoked meats, Gouda cheese, and playing tricks on my humans!

Jan character


Jan is teaching me to be a champion. She smells like freshly cleaned laundry and has the softest skin to lick. I particularly like the taste of her fingers when she has sausages for dinner.


Mama is my doggie mom. I’ve got her beautiful coat and dashing good looks! Mama always tells me I can achieve anything I want because of the power of cuteness and the Wheaten Terrier Bill of Rights.


Buck is a Jolly Human who loves hot dogs just like me! We eat as many as we can until our tummies ache. He also thinks I’m real pretty. No surprise there!


Arielle is my new lady human mom who smells like flowery perfume, and my favorite cheese in the whole world, GOUDA! She doesn’t get too angry with me if I pee on the couch…or on her lap!


Charlie is my new human dad who smells like deodorant and meaty deliciousness like a hamburger or a beef stew. He wears soft slippers that are fun to hide and reads interesting books that are great to chew on.

Really Smart Humans.